Why opt for "Chanakya" Training ?

Course Duration & Pre-Discounted Fee Structure!

Silver Plan Gold Plant Diamond Plan Platinum Plan
07 Days 15 Days 30 Month 30 Month
Price 10,000/- Price 15,000/- Price 30,000/- Price 1,50,000/-

- Battery working priciple, Battery function, Battery application, BMS working principle, BMS function, BMS Application, Cell working principle, Cell function , Battery Repair & Servicing, BMS Repair & Replacement, Cell balancing & changing, all about batteries (Lithium ion battery)

-Motor working principle, Motor function, Motor application, Motor repair & Service. (BLDC Hub Motor)*
-Controller working principle, Controller function, Controller application, Controller Repair & Service.

-Silver Plan -Gold Plan
-Convertot working principle, Convertor
function, Convertor application, Convertor Repair & Replacement.
-Charger working principle, Charger function, Charger application, Charger Repair & Service.
-Complete Vehicle working principle, it's function and Service. (All General Electric Vehicles, except- OLA, Ather, iQube, Chetak, Revolt, Kratos)
-Use of facility for research & Development

-Silver Plan
-Gold Plan
-Diamond Plan
-All premium two wheeler electric vehicle's complete Repair & Service including OLA, Ather, iQube, Chetak, Revolt, Kratos, etc.
-Use of facility for research & Development

Benefits of "Chanakya" Training?